A New Era (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

Stran Smith, World Champion Calf Roper | Endorsee of Cactus Ropes: Official Rope of the PRCA

Stran Smith, World Champion Calf Roper | Endorsee of Cactus Ropes: Official Rope of the PRCA

Today was the beginning of a new era for our family. Jennifer has homeschooled our boys and they both started public school today. Stone started the second grade and Scout started kindergarten. Things are going to be very different for us. In the past, if I needed to be gone for two weeks, we all loaded up and off we went. I’ve had the luxury of always having them with me. Now, it’s a different ball game and we’ll have to see where it leads us.

Last week, some dear friends of ours, Cody and Stacy Custer, lost their son Aaron in an accident on his first day at college. We went and stayed with them and then returned for the funeral. It was truly a celebration of Aaron’s life.

Three boys were together in the accident and one survived. That boy was on my mind during the service and afterwards I sought him out. When I found him, I wrapped my arms around him and told him that God loved him and had plans for him. I told him this was no accident and that it was all in God’s plans. There would be life to live and things for him to do. I told him not to blame himself for surviving.

In 1996, I was in an accident and lost my best friend, Shawn McMullin. Being strong in faith helped me battle the guilt that tried to take hold. Because I did survive, I have tried to live a life that mattered. I have tried to make a difference, where and when I could, and I’d like to think Shawn would be proud of that.

Now, fifteen years later, here I am with three kids and watching my boys go off to school. I’m beyond grateful for what God has given me. I have a wonderful wife and a beautiful family. I’ve had success doing something that I absolutely love. Don’t think for one minute I take any second of any day for granted. God has a purpose for every one of us and I pray that I’m fulfilling his for me.

Till next time, God Bless and I’ll see you down the line. If there’s something you’d like me to write about, please send me an email at strant@aol.com.