Cactus Ropes Brings a New 4-Strand Rope Line to the Market

PLEASANTON, TEXAS (July 18, 2008) – During the pre-release testing period Cactus Ropes recognized they had developed an exceptional rope line. The excitement generated by pros and amateurs alike is a clear indication that these head and heel ropes are going to dominate the rope market.

The MOJO and MOJO-LITE four strand ropes are well received by our Cactus endorsees David Key, Jake Long, Coleman Proctor, Tommy Zuniga, Brady Minor and Cuatro Hindes. While they and others have been winning at major roping events using other Cactus brands, there is certainly a changeover to our MOJO and MOJO-LITE says Barry Berg, rope maker at Cactus.

Coleman Proctor and Jake Long using the MOJO brand set an arena record at the Bob Feist Invitational in Reno, Nevada in June.

Their time: a lightning fast 4.46 seconds.

Coleman said “The smooth feel and consistent swing have convinced me there is no better rope for me.”

David Key’s enthusiastic response using the MOJO-LITE at the Windy Ryon in Texas in 100-degree heat: “The durability of the rope is what I like best about it.”

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