Cactus Ropes’ Endorsees’ WNFR Results

PLEASANTON, TEXAS (December 22, 2008) – Cactus Ropes was well represented at the WNFR this month in Las Vegas.  Thirteen WNFR finalists were Cactus Ropes endorsees. This year, four of those 13 collected gold buckles.

Taking home 2008 World Championship titles were Matt Sherwood-World Champion Header, Stran Smith-World Champion Tie-Down Roper, Luke Branquinho-World Champion Steer Wrestler and Trevor Brazile-PRCA All Around Cowboy.  Other Cactus WNFR finalists were Garrett Tonozzi, Riley Minor, Chad Masters, Jake Stanley, Allen Bach, Brady Minor, Clay O’Brien Cooper and Clint Robinson.

Matt Sherwood won the World Champion Header title. This was Matt’s second World Championship. He won his first in 2006.

Luke Branquinho was a double champion. He won both the World Championship and the WNFR Championship in Steer Wrestling. This was Luke’s second world title having also won the same honor in 2004.

Stran Smith was another twofold champion. He won the WNFR top award and the 2008 World Championship in tie-down roping.  This was Stran’s tenth (consecutive) year to qualify for the WNFR, but his first World Championship. Stran’s wife, Jennifer, was on-hand as an ESPN commentator to see Stran’s win. She conducted the post-event interview with her husband, and did a good job of maintaining her composure until her last question. At that point, she finally succumbed to her exhilaration. Instead of finishing the interview with that last question, she closed it by giving her husband an emotional hug.

Last, but certainly not least, Trevor Brazile happened to win another award. Befitting of the name given to his line of products – “Relentless” – Trevor was exactly that. For the sixth time in the last seven years, he was the PRCA All-Around Cowboy. He did this by winning the WNFR Team Roping Championship, placing 2nd in the year-end steer roping standings, and 3rd in the year’s tie-down roping standings. Trevor’s 2008 winnings were $419,868, surpassing his nearest competitor by a whopping $204,000. In 2007, Trevor obliterated the previous PRCA All-Around winnings record and in the process smashed his own 2006 previous best of $329,924 in the prize money. He fell just short of his 2007 record by only $5,247.

Cactus Ropes could not be more proud of the 2008 accomplishments of our Cactus Cowboys. Together, they won a total of almost two million dollars. The road to Vegas is a long and grueling trip. It extracts a high price on families, finances, horses, and cowboys, but the rewards that come with achieving the goal and the self-esteem gained in the process last a lifetime. Cactus Ropes is proud to extend our sincerest congratulations to all of our WNFR qualifiers.

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