Cactus Ropes Introduces the Nitro

PLEASANTON, Texas—April 2, 2012— Cactus Ropes has launched a new rope in conjunction with endorsee Cesar de la Cruz.  The neon green Nitro is available as both a head rope and a heel rope.

Nitro | Cesar de la Cruz | Cactus Ropes: The Official Rope of the PRCA

Nitro | Cesar de la Cruz | Cactus Ropes: The Official Rope of the PRCA

“If I were to sum up this rope, I would say it offers heavy-bodied performance in a small, fast package,” states Barry Berg of Cactus Ropes.  Featuring four blended strands, the Nitro offers increased tip weight for swing and timing, as well as maximum body for accuracy.

Cesar de la Cruz states, “It’s fast and balanced with the action of a rope that’s smaller in diameter, but it has enough body to hold its shape and give me great tip control when I place my loop.”  Regarding the rope’s neon green color, de la Cruz explains, “I’m a big visual guy.  I like to see the steer jump into my loop.  The Nitro practically glows in the dark, so it’s great in all lighting conditions.”

When he joined the Cactus team earlier in 2012, de la Cruz wanted a specific rope to meet his needs.  He began work with Barry Berg to develop and test ropes that matched his vision.  “One of the things I wanted was durability.  I like a rope that will last an entire roping, and more,” states de la Cruz. “Nitro is tough.  It can take more runs because it holds the horn so well.”

Nitro’s performance is already being seen in the team roping arena.  Jake Long was swinging its distinctive green loop when he recently won the YMBL Championship Rodeo in Beaumont, Texas.  The Nitro is now available at your favorite roping retailer.  Additional information can also be found at

More about Cactus Ropes

Cactus Ropes of Pleasanton, Texas, has been crafting ropes and products for competitive roping and ranch work for more than 20 years.  Visit to view products, locate a retailer or learn more about the world champion athletes who swing a Cactus Rope.

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