October 2017 (Down The Line, Stran Smith)

Down the Line  – October

We live in a day and time where it seems like everybody is offended about something OR we live in fear of offending someone.   But this actually has been happening for a long time.  In Psalms 139, David rants for an entire chapter about his enemies.  Then, all of a sudden it hits him, or I should say the Holy Spirit speaks to him.  He starts to focus on what he should really do… Pray for himself.  Fix himself first.  He prayed that God would change his own heart.

Don’t blame other people if you are unhappy.  Change has to come from the inside.  We need to constantly be examining ourselves to make adjustments.  I’ve always heard, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.   You don’t have to look very far, to realize that a lot of our worries are “first world problems.”  Over the last month, I’ve officiated two funerals.  I’ve looked in the eyes of young couple that lost their baby for no explainable reason, and a widow that lost her soul mate at 65.  I have also listened to search and rescue worker friends describe rescuing flood victims that have lost loved ones and everything they own.

Oh, I’m offended everyday by something or someone… and about three seconds later I hear the voice of the women on the viral social media clip yelling, “I ain’t got no time for that.”

I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.   Not really, get over it.  You have better things to worry about.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest and you’ve listened to my rant, I’m going to follow David’s example.  I’m going to ask God to search my own heart and show me what I need to change.


Until next time,
God Bless and See you down the Line.
Stran T



If you want to change the world, start by making your bed and brushing your teeth everyday.  It seems like, more than ever, we live in a society that believes that there are short cuts to success.  So much so, if we are not careful, it will lead to a sense of entitlement.   College graduates are expecting to earn their parents salary immediately.  Someone watches a You Tube video of someone that has spent years to perfect their craft, and then consider themselves an expert.  It’s no different than the “Get rich Quick” scheme or a promise of “15 minute Abs.”   There is something to be said about getting some of your education from the school of hard knocks.  In order to reach a level of success, you must put your time into it.  I would in no way ever criticize someone for getting information, but in order to get understanding, you have to put your own time and hard work with that information to become successful.

I truly believe that before you can be faithful with a lot of things, you need be responsible with the things you have. If you want to be successful in your life, you need to start, “as soon as you finish reading this article,” doing anything and everything that you can to be your very best today!  There is NO tomorrow when it comes to WORKING towards your goals.

I know from the experience of teaching calf roping clinics. There is an order to roping calves that you must follow.  It sounds very elementary, but you would be surprised at how many people try to skip steps.  This not only happens in calf roping, but in all phases of life.  It’s 1,2,3,4,5.  If you try to go to step 3 before you complete step 2, you set yourself up for a great chance making a mistake.  Mistakes result in failure.  Emily Dickens said,” If you take care of the small things, the big things will take of themselves.”  Don’t’ lose heart.  Your hard work will pay off.

Keep fighting and don’t let anyone tell you that the details don’t matter.

God Bless and I’ll see you down the line.



I was driving down the road the other day thinking about how crazy my month had been. We are probably all guilty of over committing ourselves from time to time in our lives, but it seems to be more regular these days.  As I’m driving, licking my wounds, Matt Hagee calls and we start discussing the craziness of life.  I’m explaining the crazy month, somewhat venting my frustrations, when he says this, “Brother, you’re busy because you have a purpose.  If you didn’t have a purpose, you would be bored. I’d rather be busy on purpose, than bored and worthless.”  When you hear a profound statement that someone is speaking life about your situation, I believe it should cause you to ask, ”What is God saying to me through him or her?”  I’m sure that was just for me.  God’s timing is perfect, because his word spoke volumes to me that day.

Whenever I started roping professionally back in the 90’s, I was under the impression that one-day I would ARRIVE to some level and it would all be easy. No matter how much success I achieved, nothing ever got easier.  It only seemed to get more difficult.  At Houston I told a reporter,” The first time I came down here I was by myself in a single cab Dodge with one horse in a one-horse trailer.  Twenty years later, I show up with a wife, 3 kids, a bus, 4 horses, 2 dogs, and 4 wild barn cats that snuck on board.”  Best I can tell, as your pot gets bigger, you have to stir with a bigger spoon!  That “big pot” can get incredibly overwhelming, so it is important to understand your purpose in all of it.

The definition of purpose is, “the reason for which something was made.” The definition of a job is, “a task or a piece of work.”  I want to live a life of purpose, not like it’s a just a job.

God Bless and I’ll see you down the line.



I was doing a clinic the other day, and I had a young student that was under the impression that by coming to my two day school he was going to have calf roping figured out.  I do feel like it is very beneficial to get quality instruction, but if you think for a second that you are going to be able to soak up the secrets to success in 2 days with any endeavor you are mistaken.  

I love when I see a student asking questions, taking notes, or a parent videoing because I know they are planning to take my information and knowledge to their practice pen.  One of the most profound things that has ever been revealed to me is, there is no substitute for quality time spent.  If you want to be successful at something, expect to spend an extremely large amount of time doing it.  It tells us in the Bible, “in all your getting, get understanding.”  The way you get understanding is to take information and knowledge,  add your time,

equals understanding.  


I love Sports Center, but a lot of times we don’t really have an understanding of what it takes to get a 5 second clip on Sports Center.  All of the blood, sweat, tears, and time spent , by not only the athlete, but his family, friends, coaches, and even other competitors can never be fully seen.  We watch the clip and get instant gratification watching our team or Individual succeed as if it’s our own success.

It takes a great play or move to get this highlight, but it’s the time that they spent with the basics we don’t see.  They had to spend countless hours on the basics to be able to perform “highlight worthy” feats.


How many calves did NFR contestants tie in 7 and 8 in the practice pen consistently, before they were able to tie one in 6 at the NFR.

 A fan wants to jump right to the spectacular play.  A true player wants to be able to perfect the basics until they are 2nd nature.  Are you a player or a fan? 


Until next time, God Bless and I’ll see you down the line.



February 2017 (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

Stran_headshotAs a sports fan, this is one of my favorite times of the year. NFL and College playoffs are going on right now.  I have the opportunity to listen to sports talk radio a lot while I am feeding my cows.  I always enjoy listening to the older, retired players and their perspective of when they played this time of the year.   It has made me reflect on my own career.  I came to this conclusion.  Some things you never get over.  You just learn to live with them.  I will never forget one particular moment in my life.  It was in 2005 after the 10th go round at the WNFR.  I came into that go round in the lead, won the go round, but lost the gold buckle by $1400.00.  Now up this point, every time you win a go round, you take a victory lap, and go to a huge buckle presentation at the South Point Hotel and Casino.  Usually I would be ecstatic to win a go round, but I am numb and disgusted that I had lost the World Championship.  I was walking down the media tunnel underneath the Thomas and Mack and passed a PRCA employee who nonchalantly tossed my go round buckle to me.  I stopped and immediately took my San Anton buckle off (one that I had worn my whole career) and put this 10th go round buckle on my belt.  I wanted a consistent reminder of that feeling, and a visible reminder to never let that happen again.

Fast forward 3 long years, past a couple of surgeries and many sleepless nights. In 2008, I was very fortunate to win the World Championship.  Looking back now, I wouldn’t change the way things played out.  It was all God’s perfect timing.  The journey was an experience I will never forget.

I feel like it’s very important to never be satisfied but learn to be content. My good friend, Marcos Costa, had a couple of really bad breaks that cost him a gold buckle.  We have discussed it several times since WNFR.  He could dwell on those breaks, or simply realize that it just wasn’t his time.  If I know anything, it’s Romans 8:28… “God works in all things.”  If we will allow God to work in HIS time, the result will be better than you can ever imagine.

The good and the bad about gold buckles is only a few are privileged to win them. I am so pleased for Tyson Durfey.  I know this has been a dream come true for he and his dad.  He has worked so hard, and it is very well deserved.  Congratulations to Tyson and his whole family.  Nothing like celebrating Christmas with a precious healthy baby and a gold buckle to boot.  Congratulations to all of the World Champions.  You have reached the pinnacle of your sport.

Until next time God bless and I’ll see you down the line.


November 2016 (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

I was out doing some work on the ranch the other day. I had a guy helping me.  He comes out from time to time when we really need him.  I couldn’t help but notice what a joyful attitude he had… 30 miles from nowhere in the middle of a hot and dusty cattle pen how one person’s attitude changed the entire atmosphere.  A high pressure, stressful job was transformed into a pleasant day just because of this one man’s attitude.

More times than not, I’m ashamed to say, my attitude is not always as positive as I would like it be. I feel like my profession has always made me more of an “instant results” driven person.   As I am learning, some of my techniques don’t always work as well with others as they do with myself.   I am reminded that attitude is a reflection of leadership. I feel like the right attitude is a POSITIVE attitude and for myself personally, that means my words, my actions, and even my thoughts. I have heard from people very close to me that my thoughts have a way of coming out in my expressions, tone of voice, and actions.  And it happens that way for all of us, good or bad. In fact the Webster dictionary definition of attitude is:

– A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something typically is reflected in a person’s behavior.

I think whenever you start anything in life you should start with a good attitude, but it’s more important to learn to maintain a good attitude.  It was always easy for me to start practice with a good attitude.  I got so excited to rope.   But it never failed, this was going to be challenged somewhere along the session.  A horse wouldn’t work or calf didn’t cooperate and my attitude changed.

I always thought the older and more mature and experienced I became, this would get easier. Little did I know, that is not the case at all.  I have been blessed beyond measure with a wife and children and with them we acquired a few ponies, dogs, cats, etc, etc.  Although these people and things are a HUGE blessing in my life, nothing in life is perfect.  Challenges arise, relationships take work, and children need guidance.  The bottom line is, STUFF HAPPENS.   A good friend once told me that it’s not if things happen, but WHEN things happen and how we deal with it.  Attitude is about 10 percent what happens and 90 percent how we handle it.

God Bless and See You Down the Line,

Stran T


May 2016 (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

I have had so many questions about STS Ranchwear and how our vision has grown beyond that to be a successful brand.   I kind of scratch my head too at times.  We reached our 5 years goals and the end of 2 years, and just keep growing.  It’s been an unbelievable journey and blessing to watch the brand explode and grow beyond our expectations.

All successful ventures in my life have been built around relationships. This has been no exception to the rule.  I still remember Jen and I sitting at a table with our partner and friend, Chad Fairchild to create, brand, and write our mission statement for what is now STS Ranchwear.   We all had a vision of creating a lifestyle brand true to our values of integrity, dedication, hard work, commitment, and built around tradition.

may stsranchwear

There have been a few things that I feel have really helped to catapult the brand.

Quality Product – ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!  I want something that can withstand long hours of work in and out of the saddle.  Jen has worked for years now to make sure the leathers and serapes of her bags are the highest quality.  If they are not, we work to fix them.  Chad always tells people that he never knows what condition our samples come back from the ranch looking like.  We test everything on the ranch before it goes into production.

A True Lifestyle Brand – I AM a 4th generation cowboy.  We live this lifestyle everyday.  It truly is more than the romance for me.  It has to be authentic.  People can smell a fake 2 miles away.

Partners and People – Everyone on our team believes in the brand, the product, and the lifestyle.    Everyone throughout the entire chain, from development to shipping takes pride in the brand and what we are doing.  I always joke and say that I am just a crash test dummy, but in reality I am very particular about everything we do, from display fixtures all the way to the kind of zippers we use.  This is not something we hand off to someone to handle.  We feel it is very important to be hands on.

I just want to personally thank everyone that has supported us on this venture. We are so grateful that you see the value in the western way of life.  We love our customers because we believe you are our people.

Until next time, God Bless and I’ll see you down the line,

Stran T


April 2016 (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

stran april 4A couple of weeks ago, I had an amazing experience with an unbelievable group of people who are changing lives through what they love. Whenever I showed up at Hamilton, TX to teach this school, I knew it would be good, but I had no idea how life changing it as going to be. Equine Champions For Christ was created by Kenny Hague, Jo Hague, and Michael Goertz in early 2008. They all volunteer their time and efforts to come up with some of the best clinics possible. They aren’t the only ones involved. An overwhelming number of volunteers work diligently behind the scenes to make these camps possible. Everything is done with the highest degree of excellence. They do all of this at NO CHARGE to the young people who attend.

E.C.F.C. is such an amazing ministry because it gave me the opportunity stran april 2to sow life into these boys in and out of the arena. It doesn’t matter if these boys are future world champions or will only rope as a hobby, this clinic gave me a chance to be able to truly help God show each one of these guys their value.  Everyone working this clinic wanted these boys to know they have a specific calling and a plan for their life. Students came from all over the United States and Canada, but over the course of three days, formed a camaraderie that couldn’t be explained.

I always tell my students that I will get way more out of the clinic than they do in one way or another, and once again this rang true. I was truly blessed beyond measure.  I usually leave a clinic mentally and physically exhausted, but I left this one motivated and rejuvenated spiritually.  I told Kenny to start planning another one for this summer.

stran april 3Put their website and Facebook page on your radar. The last clinic filled up quickly.


God bless and see you down the line,

Stran T




            Lunch at the Sixes

            Recently I had to deliver some bulls that the 6666 Ranch had bought from me. I had the pleasure of taking my dad with me to have lunch at the ranch headquarters in Guthrie. When we got there they had a feast prepared, which from my understanding is the way they eat everyday. Im talking about real cowboy food. Fried round steaks, not that chicken fried steak you get at the restaurants,and all the good stuff that goes with it. Cream gravy, creamed potatoes, homemade pecan pie and homemade ice cream. For those who know me I don’t let my self indulge very often, and I indulged. Needless to say I broke a few of my dietary rules. After lunch we went out to the porch of the bunk house and sat down and visited for awhile before everybody had to go their separate ways. They had to get horseback to prowl because they are calving over 3000 heifers right now and I had to get back home and load all my stuff to go to Fort Worth for the American.

On my way home I was thinking about some of my favorite times of my life and some of my favorite people that have probably influenced me more than anybody. It got me reminiscing about sitting down and eating and listening to stories my granddad, my dad, and other old timers would tell. That day at the sixes my dad and Boots O’neil were sharing some of their memories of old times. With both of them being in their mid 80s I was amazed at how everyone just sat and listened. Nobody else was saying a word while the spoke which shows the level of respect that is shown in that atmosphere. My dad and Boots weren’t telling stories to entertain anyone but ironically it captivated everyone around.

When I’m home dinner is my favorite time of day. It’s a time where I can sit and eat and listen to my little ones talk about their days. It shows me how important it is to take time to sit down and eat with your family and friends. My family and I try to get together and eat whenever we can. It’s something that has gotten away from our society. The way I see it the table should be a very intimate place in our life. It’s where we share life with one another. It’s where we invite people to be part of our life. As strange as it may sound the table is a place where we want to become food for one another. Every meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, can become a time of growing closer to one another. When is the last time you have sat down with your friends and family and really took time?

Until next time. God Bless and see you down the line.


February 2016 (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

New Year’s Resolution? Not me!

I really don’t like New Year’s Resolutions because to me it’s just a fad and people nearly always break their resolutions. Every year my routine is to set aside a little bit of time to reflect on the past year and review and grade things that I’ve tried to accomplish in the previous year. For the past few years I start the New Year off with a fast. I do this for three different reasons: mind, body, and spirit. It’s good physically for you. You can use it as a body detox. It’s good mentally for you. It shows you that you can do something that your body is telling you that you can’t. Third and most important it’s good spiritually. It lets my heavenly Father know that he has control of every part of my life.

When I started doing this years ago it seemed like the main thing I was focused on was my personal career goals. As I’ve gotten older it seems like my goals of course have changed, but there are not as many short term goals as there is long. In fact they’ve gotten broader and with less attention to time. This year I didn’t just focus on goals. This year I broke it down into four things. Goals is still at the top of my list, but the second thing that was at the top was ideas. Small minded people talk about people. Average minded people talk about events. Great minded people talk about ideas. The third thing that I wanted to focus on was “things that are working”. In order to look at the things that are working you have to acknowledge the things that are NOT working and be disciplined enough to eliminate those things. The fourth is “Things that must get done”. I’m a big “list” person. Every day I have a list. Some days I get nothing checked off. Some days I check off everything, but I always have a list going. If I don’t write it down it seems like I don’t get it done. I’m not saying that my system would work for everybody, but that’s just it. I do think you have to have a system. I encourage you to figure out something that works for you. When you aim at nothing you hit nothing.


God Bless and see you down the line