Challenge Yourself (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

We’re in Vegas for the National Finals and it’s a very different year for me. Because of this article, National Roper’s Supply asked me to give a daily motivational talk each morning at their trade show at the MGM. I agreed and then realized what a huge undertaking I had signed up for.  Now, I’m used to speaking and can do a reasonable job when talking to my students or when making brief comments to a crowd.

What I’m not used to doing is speaking for fifteen to thirty minutes while delivering a message that I’m passionate about.  I spent some time re-reading articles and doing research until I came up with a theme with daily topics that relate to it.  This theme is, “Whatever you do regularly will determine what you’ll have eventually.”

My first topic was “Power of the Tongue,” meaning whatever you speak or talk about, whether it’s positive or negative, will have an effect on your daily life.  If you regularly speak positively you will find yourself creating better habits and generally happier.

Some of my other topics include relationships, surrounding yourself with the right people, having balance in your life, and broadening your mind.  NRS has been filming this and will eventually make it available on You Tube for everyone to watch.

It’s ironic because I was dreading this because it was outside of my comfort zone.  But once I started preparing and making notes, I really started having a good time. It’s easy to turn down an opportunity or back away from something that intimidates us, but after this, I would encourage you to bite the bullet and relish the experience and what you can learn from it.  Trying something new will only add to your personal resume of life experiences.

To do something new and different, you have to decide to decide.  It’s easy for me because I can remember a specific time when I decided to get healthy.  I decided to eat right, sleep more, and work out. I focused on being healthy in every area of my physical well-being.  I started to accumulate and soak up information from trainers, doctors, or articles I read. Then I applied that information and made it my own.

I want to thank NRS for giving me the opportunity to not only motivate people, but also to expand my horizons and have a chance to learn something new.

Until next time, God Bless, and I’ll see you down the line.


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