September 2014 (Down The Line, Stran Smith)

This morning I read an article in the Wall Street Journal discussing the possible fate of RFD TV. Patrick Gottsch, Founder of Rural Media Group, Inc. has issued a plea to fans of RFD TV on their website to contact the FCC with links to do so. Below are the first two paragraphs of his article (full article can be found at:

“There are two major media mergers pending at this time, Comcast Cable with Time Warner Cable, and AT&T U-Verse with DIRECTV.  If approved, these four companies combined will control cable and satellite programming into over half the households in this country affecting 54,000,000+ homes in all 50 states. With good reason, RFD-TV and RURAL TV viewers are concerned about the future of rural programming with so many homes being controlled by a few, urban-based program directors.  Comcast cable recently removed RFD-TV from the entire states of Colorado and New Mexico, and then added Al Jazeera America to these same systems two days later.”

Also on this page are links that make contacting the FCC easy. Please take the time to do this. So often we are consumed with our busy, demanding lives and fail to get involved in important issues.

This directly affects people involved in the rodeo, cowboy and equine way of life. Listed below are just a few of the shows we stand to lose if we can no longer watch RFD TV:

  • All Around Performance Horse
  • Cinch High School Rodeo Tour
  • Universal Horsemanship
  • Chris Cox Horsemanship
  • Down Under Horsemanship
  • Horse Master with Julie Goodnight
  • Little Britches Rodeo
  • Parelli Natural Horsemanship
  • Ride Smart with Craig Cameron
  • Women’s Pro Rodeo Today
  • PBR Heroes and Legends
  • Professional Roughstock

It doesn’t get much easier than clicking a link and filling out a little information with the chance to voice your opinion. Get involved! It matters to us all. Please take the time to follow the link listed above. To read the full Wall Street Journal article, visit:

Until next time, God Bless, and I’ll see you down the line.

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