Which rope would you recommend for a beginner?

Welcome to the wonderful world of roping. There are several options for you. Basically, it comes down to personal preference. We offer 3-strand and 4-strand ropes. Some of our ropes are made of a nylon-poly blend, while others are 100% nylon.

We have the Mini Mag which is a good 3-strand nylon-poly rope. It has a small diameter, it’s good to learn with, and has some world champion credentials attached to it. A couple of the past NFR champs prefer this rope. The industry is leaning towards a 4-strand rope in popularity and we offer a few. If a smaller rope feels better to you, I would suggest the Whistler. This is a 4-strand with a small diameter; it’s nylon-poly blend. If you prefer a rope with a little more weight and body, then try our number one selling rope, the Xplosion. The Xplosion is part of Trevor Brazile’s Relentless line of ropes. Even though it is small in diameter, it is packed with body and tip weight.

But basically, any of our extra soft head ropes (or medium soft heel ropes) are great for beginners!

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