February 2015 (Down The Line, Stran Smith)

I never claim to be the greatest cowboy that ever lived, but I dang sure have been in the same pasture as a few of ‘em. My granddad, my dad, and my brother are three of the greatest cowboys I know. When I was a little boy my most favorite thing to do was sit and listen to my granddad tell stories about doctoring screw worms, or catching maverick bulls, or hunting coyotes with a pack of greyhounds horseback. The best thing about those stories is my granddad did not exaggerate. He told it like it was and how it happened. Needless to say my dad and granddad’s guardian angles were constantly working overtime. It seems like nearly everyday they were in some kind of crazy scenario or wild wreck. My dad and my granddad were side by side everyday from the day my dad could walk until the day my granddad passed. And even on the day my granddad passed I had never heard an ill word between the two of them.

My dad’s definition of a cowboy is knowing what a cow thinks before she thinks it. Now to the common person that probably doesn’t mean a whole lot. But after you’ve set your butt in a saddle for nine to ten hours in 110 degree heat, or broke a 40 mph wind with a 5 degree windchill, this takes on a whole new meaning when you got a silly cow thats got her head up wanting to come back over the top of you when you’re 200 yards from the gate and you’re trying to stick her in a pen. I feel an obligation as a fourth generation cowboy to be able to pass on this heritage, this legacy of what is somewhat of a dying breed to my kids. More importantly the characteristics of what I feel a true cowboy stands for; Honor and integrity while being true to your faith, your family, and yourself.

I have really enjoyed my new venture with stsranch.com. I hope through this blog I will be able to help carry on this way of life so it wont be gone forever. If you want to read more from this article you can go to stsranch.com.

Until next time, God Bless and See you down the line.

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