Leaving Your Comfort Zone (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

We all have times in our life when we feel pulled or compelled to do something, but most of us wait for the opportunity to drop in our lap. I think there comes a time when we shouldn’t wait and should take steps to make it happen or “kick the door” in.

There is a fine line between someone who wants to live a dream and someone who has worked and paid the price to live that dream. If you have paid the price and put yourself in a position to succeed, you might get to the threshold and find the door shut. Are you going to walk away, or kick the door in and take what is yours?

I’m not talking about someone who has a wish, or daydream. If I wanted to, I could daydream about winning the lottery and have fun doing it. The chance of it becoming a reality is not very good because I don’t buy lottery tickets.

You might be that guy who has worked hard at his roping. You’ve put in more hours than your competitors but you just don’t have the horsepower. Are you going to stop there or are you going to commit to the next step up and buy a better horse? Or are you the one who has earned a promotion, but it just doesn’t ever seem to materialize? It may be time to take the steps necessary to try and make it happen.

Life can be bigger, better and more than you’ve dreamed of.  Scary as it may seem, you may need to stretch yourself and leave your comfort zone. Stretching yourself by being in uncomfortable situations is one of the best ways to grow.

Don’t settle for being complacent with what drops in your lap. Leave your comfort zone occasionally and see where it takes you.

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