May 2014 (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

Recently I was asked to speak to the Bloomer National High School rodeo team. Randy Bloomer and his family do a great job of supporting youth in rodeo. They bring these kids, and their families, to Salado for several days. There they are taught a number of things to help prepare them for the next step in their rodeo career. While many of them may not become professional rodeo athletes, most will at least go to college and compete at the collegiate level.

These kids are given some media training and a chance to listen to and ask questions of professional rodeo cowboys and cowgirls. Jennifer also gave them mock interviews. Randy prepares them for the next step and are taught what’s expected of them. This type of investment in our youth makes me proud to be on the Bloomer team and call them a sponsor.

Regardless of where these kids go after high school, it’s important to never stop being a student. We are all exposed to wise people with life experience and how often do we take time to take notes. You think, ‘I’ll remember this conversation.’ If you remember 10% of what you hear you will be lucky.

Think about this: If I were to give you the winning lottery numbers…. Would you take a chance of remembering them? Or would you scratch the numbers in your skin with a knife if necessary to be sure you had the right numbers? You bet you would. Because, by winning the lottery, the outcome would be life changing. Some of the wisdom we allow to drift by us could also be life changing. Write it down.

I’m very goal oriented. I make lists and write things down. The items on a to-do list for today are actually mini goals. I believe every day we should have a list of things we want to accomplish and write them down. It’s proven that you will achieve more by using a list.

The other thing I think is important for young people, or all people, to keep in mind is never miss an opportunity to shut up and listen. One thing I know for a fact is we do not get any smarter while we are talking.

Some of the people I respect the most are people who say very little and yet, could brag for days about their accomplishments. They have no need to prove anything or impress anyone.

Until next time, God Bless and I’ll see you down the line.

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