May 2015 (Down The Line, Stran Smith)

Learn, Laugh, Love

I’ve talked about this before, but if you know me at all I believe the single most important thing to my success is the importance of the people I surround myself with. I think there is three main things that these people should cause you to do daily. 1) Learn 2) Laugh 3) Love.

Number 1, learn. You should surround yourself with people that cause you to think. I was in Laughlin, NV in the late 90’s at the slack and I decided to do a little experiment. I had 3 brain teasers. Those of you that know anything about a big slack is there is lots of down time. So in conversation amongst the guys that day I threw out these brain teasers. It was amazing how some guys disappeared and how some guys migrated back to me with more questions on how to figure these brain teasers out. Nearly 20 years later I look back at those same guys and see where they are now. If you want to be small minded you talk and think about people. If you want to be average minded you talk and think about events. You want to be great minded you talk and think about ideas. What are the people that you are surrounding yourself causing you to talk/think about?

Number 2, laugh. I don’t know very many people that laugh that are not having fun. The average adult laughs 4 times per day. The average child laughs 200 times per day. It’s very healthy to laugh. When you laugh it releases endorphins that actually cause your body to heal. My last bit of instruction, especially in high pressure situations to anybody I speak to, is go have fun.

Number 3, Love. It tells us in the bible that love always wins. In First Corinthians it says faith, hope, and love and the greatest of these is love. In Romans 8 it says nothing can separate you from the love of god. It’s impossible to be negative whenever you are loving on people. When you’re loving on people, it’s really hard to be completely self- centered. I look for these qualities whenever I am choosing the people I surround myself. Most importantly I strive to have these qualities myself as a husband, dad, and friend.

God bless and until next time, see you down the line.

Stran Smith