New Relentless Rope: C4

PLEASANTON, TEXAS (March 22, 2010) – Team Ropers everywhere, get ready to be rocked once again by the next explosive release in Trevor Brazile’s Relentless line from Cactus Ropes!

Hitting the rope racks May 1st, 2010, the C4 head and heel ropes are the next addition to the Relentless arsenal.

Constructed of four strands of 100% pure nylon, the C4 was built to complement the poly/nylon blended Xplosion and provide ropers with an ultra-consistent, snappy, full-bodied rope with tons of snap-back* in hot weather. The C4 is slightly smaller in diameter than the Xplosion, yet allows the roper to find tip weight with ease.

Trevor needed a rope to fit in his rope bag alongside the Xplosion. Having a C4 and an Xplosion with you at all times guarantees you a perfect-feeling rope no matter the weather conditions.

Although it is still in its testing stage, the C4 has already earned a few prestigious accolades in what will certainly be a long list of achievements. Coleman Proctor and Brady Minor both racked up strong finishes at the George Strait Team Roping Championship in Boerne, Texas recently with the new C4. Coleman won the event with his partner and fellow Cactus Ropes endorsee, Jake Long. Using the extra soft C4 head rope, he collected $79,815 cash, a new truck, trailer, saddle, and buckle.

Brady Minor, using the hard medium C4 heel rope, placed second to win $31,926. Brady’s partner and brother, Riley Minor, used an extra soft Xplosion. Brady and Riley were edged out of first place by a mere one-tenth of a second.

To find out more about the C4 and the entire Relentless line by Cactus, check out

*Snap-Back: the physical trait of nylon string allows it to stretch and then return back to a natural resting state.