November 2016 (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

I was out doing some work on the ranch the other day. I had a guy helping me.  He comes out from time to time when we really need him.  I couldn’t help but notice what a joyful attitude he had… 30 miles from nowhere in the middle of a hot and dusty cattle pen how one person’s attitude changed the entire atmosphere.  A high pressure, stressful job was transformed into a pleasant day just because of this one man’s attitude.

More times than not, I’m ashamed to say, my attitude is not always as positive as I would like it be. I feel like my profession has always made me more of an “instant results” driven person.   As I am learning, some of my techniques don’t always work as well with others as they do with myself.   I am reminded that attitude is a reflection of leadership. I feel like the right attitude is a POSITIVE attitude and for myself personally, that means my words, my actions, and even my thoughts. I have heard from people very close to me that my thoughts have a way of coming out in my expressions, tone of voice, and actions.  And it happens that way for all of us, good or bad. In fact the Webster dictionary definition of attitude is:

– A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something typically is reflected in a person’s behavior.

I think whenever you start anything in life you should start with a good attitude, but it’s more important to learn to maintain a good attitude.  It was always easy for me to start practice with a good attitude.  I got so excited to rope.   But it never failed, this was going to be challenged somewhere along the session.  A horse wouldn’t work or calf didn’t cooperate and my attitude changed.

I always thought the older and more mature and experienced I became, this would get easier. Little did I know, that is not the case at all.  I have been blessed beyond measure with a wife and children and with them we acquired a few ponies, dogs, cats, etc, etc.  Although these people and things are a HUGE blessing in my life, nothing in life is perfect.  Challenges arise, relationships take work, and children need guidance.  The bottom line is, STUFF HAPPENS.   A good friend once told me that it’s not if things happen, but WHEN things happen and how we deal with it.  Attitude is about 10 percent what happens and 90 percent how we handle it.

God Bless and See You Down the Line,

Stran T

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