Our Second Son is Born (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

Looking back over these articles this past year, you’ll find an abundance of information about preparation and competing in the quest for a world championship. Anyone who’s had the goal of winning a championship has spent some time thinking about how it will feel when the time comes.

I can assure you that as much as I’d like that experience, it will never be as fulfilling as what I felt when my sons were born. It’s awe inspiring and a little over whelming to realize that you’re responsible for this little human being and he depends on you.

In my career it’s great to win, but my first and most important goal in life is to never let Jen and the boys down, whether it has to do with winning or not. I want to spend every minute I have with my family. My life has always seemed to fly by but in the couple of years since Stone was born, it seems like it’s been in fast forward.

Words haven’t been created to describe the love you feel for your children. It’s a tremendous responsibility to realize that you can do no wrong in the eyes of your children. That in itself makes me want to be the very best I can be for them.

Our second son, Scout, was born on October 17th, causing some excitement in the process. When Stone was born Jennifer was only in labor for a couple of hours and we expected pretty much the same scenario this time.

So when her contractions started and were thirty minutes apart I wasn’t too alarmed at having a forty-five minute drive to the hospital. About ten minutes from the hospital I became alarmed. I was driving my mothers car, a Lexus, and my speed those last ten minutes was in the triple digits.

When we got to the hospital the contractions were one minute apart. I parked in front and after getting Jennifer into a wheel chair, I literally ran pushing her to the OB department in the back of the hospital. The nurse seemed pretty relaxed while I was trying to make them realize she was going to have the baby any minute. Then they checked her out and also became alarmed. Scout was born in just a little over an hour from the time Jen went into labor.

Having one child already, we considered ourselves experienced. With Stone, things didn’t happen quite as fast and we had the luxury of an epidural shot and enjoyed an overall pleasant experience. Unfortunately, this time things were happening too fast for Jen to get an epidural. Natural childbirth is a true miracle, but can be un-nerving when unexpected. I was trying to help Jen stay calm but I’m not sure how effective I was after my NASCAR driving experience and my adrenaline still pumping.

Now, a month later, that panic is just a memory and we’re enjoying our healthy baby boy. I like to think with each child I become wiser. When I was younger I always thought that fifty percent of life was what happened to you and the other fifty was how you handled it. Now I know that ten percent of life is what happens to you and the other ninety is how you handle it.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoy writing them. If you have a question you want to ask, you can visit my website at www.stransmith.com where you can leave me a message. If you happen to be at the National Finals this month and see me, be sure and grab me and tell me what you want to hear about in this article.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and holiday season. God Bless, and Ill see you down the line.

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