Reach Out! (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

In the busy world of today, it’s easy to find yourself with your head down and living as fast as you can. Though our hectic lives and schedules are self-designed, I believe it’s important to be still and quiet at times. God communicates with us in many ways and I don’t want to miss out on that.

When I was younger I felt like God needed me to accomplish his mission. I thought I needed to give God the glory and public recognition first and foremost whenever I won. With maturity I’ve realized that while it’s never bad to give God the glory, I now know He will accomplish his mission with or without me. If I’m too busy, or not attentive enough to recognize when He needs me, He will find someone else.

I always thought I was the blessing to God by doing these things and helping people. In reality I was receiving the blessing.

Several years ago, I was in an airport and received a phone call, from a stranger, asking me to call a young man that had been in an accident. This young, healthy, 18-year-old stopped at an accident to help. While doing so, a car slid into him and knocked him over a 20’ bridge.

At first they thought he wouldn’t live. After surviving, they told him he probably wouldn’t walk again because one of his legs was nearly ruined. He definitely would not be able to rope again. This was his reward for being a good Samaritan and he was going through a depression. They told me he was a big fan of mine and asked if I could I take a minute or two to give him a call.

As soon as we hung up, I called him and we talked for ten or fifteen minutes. I prayed for him and told him as soon as he was able to rope he could come to one of my schools on me. He’d been told he may not walk again and I’m telling him to come to my school.

I was told that conversation turned everything around for him. He’s now going to college. I’ve had him at a school and got to visit with him in Vegas. He’s a great example to people of not losing hope.

I’m certain I got more out of it than he did. I was presented with an opportunity to reach out to someone in need. If I had been too busy, it would have been easy to send him a text telling him I was praying for him. However, I doubt it would have had the same affect. TRUST ME. I have missed more opportunities than I have taken advantage of, but this time by being a blessing, I received the greatest blessing myself.

If we’re willing, God will use you. If not, he’ll find someone else who is. I, myself, don’t want to miss a chance to be a blessing and receive His blessings.

Till next, God Bless, and I’ll see you down the line.

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