Sponsorship Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a brand ambassador for Cactus Ropes!

Here at Cactus Ropes, we take great pleasure in being able to provide endorsements to cowgirls and cowboys of all roping levels, ages, and skills. We are proud to offer a sponsorship program that you could potentially qualify for and you are encourage to fill out an application online. Due to the extremely high number of sponsorship applications, we are not able to approve every request. Each application is reviewed and heavily scrutinized by the sponsorship committee.

Be sure to read these sponsorship tips.

We use the criteria listed below to try and determine who the best cowboys and cowgirls are to represent Cactus Ropes. We try to select only those who best represent all the ideals of Cactus Ropes.

Many factors go into an application getting approved:

  • Loyalty to the Cactus Brand
  • US Number
  • Geographical Location
  • Rope Used
  • Age
  • Literacy Proficiency
  • History and Experience
  • Reputation
  • Was a Recommendation Made
  • Budget Constraints
  • Special Circumstances
  • Horsemanship

We appreciate your desire to be associated with our brand and wish you the best of luck!

Once the application has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the review process. Each applicant will be notified if their sponsorship was approved or declined.

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