Who am I? (Down the Line, Stran Smith)

At start of each year I like to evaluate my goals and priorities. I’ve heard that you have a seventy percent better chance of reaching goals when you write them down. This self- evaluation is an on-going process; but each new year I do some genuine soul searching, not just as a roper, but as a man. Keeping life balanced requires asking myself some pretty deep and tough questions:

Will the world be a better place because I was here? What will I be remembered for and what will be my legacy? Will it be for my roping, because I was in GQ magazine or for the posters and ads I’ve been in? What’s important to me is to be remembered as a good Christian man who set a good example for those I had influence over.

What’s your passion? We all need to be passionate in whatever we’re doing in life. Are you going after your passion – or is it a daydream? It would be a tragedy for me to have my passion for roping and not get a chance to pursue it. I think there are many people without happiness because they’re caught up in the daily grind of life, trying to get by and are not true to their passion. I’m incredibly blessed to be successful at my passion.

Has anything changed me or knocked me off course in pursuit of my goals. The most important thing to me is having a balance. For instance, what if I were the fastest man alive in the arena from the time my feet hit the ground until I threw my hands in the air. It wouldn’t be very beneficial if I couldn’t score and catch. I’d rather be well balanced in all areas. There would be little reward in being the best roper in the world and not have a family who loved you to share it with.

How do you overcome adversity? Does it make you better or set you back. If you’re in a hole and someone throws dirt on you – do you use that dirt to take a step up – or do you let that dirt cover you up? Enjoy every stage of life and when you’re struggling embrace it and know you’ll be better from the challenge. You’ll not only survive but you’ll improve from the experience. Find your weak spots and work on it. Acknowledge and attack it and turn it into a positive.

Who are you allowing to speak into your life? Who and what are you listening to? Are they speaking good and positive things or are they speaking deadly negatives? God will put everyone in your life that needs to be there, but it’s our responsibility to put them in the right place. I have no room for negatives because what you take in will come out. I ask myself if the people I’m allowing to speak in my life are telling me the things I need to hear to get where I need to go. Have I told the people who influence my life how much I love and appreciate them?

If these questions seem thought provoking and deep, it’s because they’re supposed to be. Most importantly, just be real.

God bless, and I’ll see you down the line.

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