WNFR Dailies (2 of 10)

Take advantage of our sweepstakes that we’re hosting during the WNFR.  Today is WNFR Daily #2!!

Last year, only people in Vegas attending the Cowboy Christmas could get in on our daily giveaways during the WNFR.  Our fans asked for chances for everyone to play and we listened.  This year, we will have a daily opportunities for everyone!  Follow Cactus Ropes on Facebook and Twitter to receive your daily insight to the sweepstakes!

However, there are a couple of things we must mention!   #1 –  You must use the Rafflecopter App to enter each sweepstakes.  #2 – Only entries with correct trivia answers will be considered for prizes.  And,  #3 – No winners will either be contacted or announced prior to December 17, 2012.  Click here for complete rules.

Cactus Ropes, Inc. - WNFR Dailies

Cactus Ropes, Inc. – WNFR Dailies

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